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The files mklinux-R1G7.sit.bin and mklinux-R1G7.sit.hqx contain the MacOS Side
files needed to install MkLinux.  You will only need to download one of these
files via ftp.  The first is a MacBinary II format version of the StuffIt
archive.   The second is a binhexed version of the same archive.  The archive 
contains the following files

Mach Kernel           -- mach kernel image
MkLinux Booter        -- system extension
MkLinux               -- control panel
lilo.conf             -- boot configuration file   
MkLinux.prefs         -- mklinux preferences file
mach_servers          -- folder containing the first stage installer and vmlinux
  bootstrap.conf      -- mach kernel configuration file
  default_pager       -- virtual memory manager
  vmlinux+installer   -- linux server with first stage installer

After you unpack the archive, follow the directions within the MkLinux-R1G7 folder
to install MkLinux.  These instructions were written for DR3 but are still applicable 
for this release.

Fred Bacon
Thu Jun 24 10:15:57 EDT 1999