MkLinux for HP PA-RISC

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The commands and libraries are now packaged with the Redhat Package Manager for HP PA-RISC here.

Other packages which don't have HP PA-RISC modifications can be FTPed from any other RPM distributions.


- Dec 1st 1997

- Sept 16th 1997

Distribution clean up

- July 29th 1997

SCSI floppy drive support

- July 4th 1997

PPP is now available !

- June 3rd

- May 21th

PS2 keyboard users: the X11 server should be rebuilt and reinstalled. Instructions are in the README.X11 file.

- May 14th

Supported machines

The PA1.1 family of processors are supported (PA7150, PA7100LC, PA7200). The kernel has actually been successfully booted on the 705, 712/60, 715/50, 720, 725/50, 725/100, 730 and 770 series machines.

715/33 model does not work :(

Wish list

Common problems and FAQ